Ecuador’s often stunning scenery stands in stark contrast to the physical, emotional and spiritual landscape of many homes in Ecuador. Although urban centers are more characterized by wealth, poverty is still rampant, especially among rural, indigenous people groups. Children often live in unimaginable conditions and are at high risk for physical and sexual abuse. In some situations, one or both of their parents are in jail for drug trafficking or other crimes. In order to address the physical and spiritual needs of children in these communities, Word & Deed is partnering with Palabras y Hechos Ecuador and Corporacion Mision San Lucas Ecuador (St. Luke Society) as they administrate a sponsorship program.

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The study centre at Latacunga ministers to students in jail. There are 25 students currently on the certificate track. In the beginning half of 2016 they were taught two courses: Introduction to the New Testament and Acts.

This entire centre was recently moved from the Quito jail which was closed down and moved to Latacunga. The students had some trouble with the move because the rules and prison dynamic have all changed from what they were used to at Quito. The move has also presented some challenges for Pastor Gerardo Recaldo, who coordinates this group and also teaches. In Latacunga, he is given only 2-3 hour time slots twice a week to instruct the students; after this the prisoners work on their homework assignments. In Quito, he was able to meet with all of the students at once and was even able to host conferences that would take up a full day.

Given the context of this centre, it has a more evangelistic focus than that of the other centres which focus primarily on training ministry workers. Our partners report that the students in jail are very thankful for this opportunity to study.

César (Detained for murder and nearing the end of his prison term)

"I thank God for bringing me to this place, because if it was otherwise I would never have come to know God and to learn of his Word. I would never have been able to study and grow and be edified in the faith. I thank Pastor Gerardo for sharing so patiently with me the teachings of the Word through CRETE-MINTS.”

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