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This past summer, Pastor Christo Heiberg (Zion URC of Sheffield) travelled to Malawi to provide Reformed teaching to pastors and students at both the Logos Centre in Lilongwe and at the Josephat Mwale Theological Institute (JMTI) in Nkhoma.

He was quite impressed with how well everything was organized and how friendly and helpful all the staff were at the Logos Centre. Of his time at Nkhoma, he relates, “I received very warm and sometimes overwhelming responses to my teaching from CCAP pastors. Several asked me if I could come again soon and also mentioned how much they benefited from Dr. Arjan de Visser’s visit last year.”

His topics included:

-    The urgent need for the global church to return to her apostolic foundations
-    Marriage: submission, love, respect, headship, and Christian marriage as the Divine remedy for the widening gap (and escalating war) between the sexes in our age.
-    Church fathers (Tertullian of Carthage, Cyprian, Athanasius of Alexandria, Augustine of Hippo).

Most of the lectures evoked healthy discussion and several of the attendees expressed their deep appreciation for what Word & Deed is doing in Malawi.

Please pray that the preaching and teaching of God’s Word through Logos Ministries would bear much fruit in Africa, as Pastor Heiberg notes that “Islam is ready to capitalize and fill the vacuum [that a receding Christianity has left].”

A full report of Pastor Heiberg’s time in South Africa will be published in the Winter 2015 issue of Word & Deed magazine.

Click here for information Logos Ministries and other projects that Word & Deed is supporting in Malawi.

Five gentlemen in an old rustic guesthouse preparing for another day’s work. Manuel, the Word & Deed projects Malawi Country Director is pictures on the far left; he also teaches at Logos. Pastor Heiberg is on the far right.

The CCAP men Pastor Heiberg taught at the JMTI.

The beauty of Malawi.

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