Hurricane Harvey caused flooding and devastation in Houston, Texas. Damage estimates range from $65-190 billion dollars. It may well be the costliest disaster in US history. Some 200,000 homes were affected with 13,000 destroyed. Most homeowners in Houston did not have flood insurance. Many areas hit hard were not expected to ever have a flood event like this. Comparisons are being made to Hurricane Katrina (2005). Word & Deed is undertaking relief efforts by partnering with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC). The OPC have established churches and church plants in the Houston area and have set up a response team to plan and carry out relief efforts.

The focus is on assisting members of the church, but also on providing assistance to the broader devastated communities in the Name of Christ.  It is anticipated that volunteer teams from Canada and the US will be needed to assist in the rebuilding effort. Please let us know if you are interested: or 877-375-9673.

Donations are welcome. Please mark donations as "Hurricane Harvey Relief". To donate visit our donation pages (Canada; US). Please pray for the people of Houston and the many others suffering from recent disasters.


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