Every year Adoration hosts a week of training seminars for their teachers and staff in order to sharpen their skills as educators and to teach biblical principles associated with their calling as Christians in the field of education.

Usually other schools are invited to these training sessions, but this year they kept the training in-house and focused on their own staff. They did this because they wanted to develop a new system of discipline within the school, and they wanted to take the time to do this with the entire team (teachers, administrators, cooks, property personnel, drivers, etc.).

For the first few days Pastor Arie Van Eyk led the staff through the biblical basis for discipline, the importance of God’s call for parents to teach the next generation (Psalm 78:4), and the importance of nurturing and shepherding their children. After this, Pastor Octavius Delfils, Heather Hopp, and Randy Lodder led the staff through sessions on biblical discipline, supervision, and building respect, responsibility, and obedience in the school.

Please pray that this special focus on viewing discipline through the lens of scripture will have a dramatic and positive effect on the life of the school and on Adoration students. Please also pray for a blessing on this new school year at Adoration.

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