Colombia is a country that struggles with violence and corruption initiated by drug cartels, the FARC (a Marxist rebel group), and other paramilitary groups. Faced with the prospect of being caught in the violence or of having their teenage children forced to join one of these groups, fleeing IDPs (internally displaced people) are settling around the major cities of Colombia. Although the Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, secured a peace deal with the FARC in August 2016, the millions of people who fled from the FARC and other forms of violence remain displaced. In IDP zones, the effects of sin are often magnified. Many fathers abandon or abuse their families, mothers cling to the next man that comes along (often for safety), and children join gangs. It is in these impoverished and broken IDP areas that our partner Corporacion Dios es Amor (CDA) is operating.  Christian schools filled with sponsor children are integrated with school health programs, microloans projects, and many other supporting projects with the intention of transforming entire families and through them, entire communities. Since the golden thread of the Gospel runs through each of these projects, many also come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior. Over the years, CDA projects in Colombia have shifted from “Rescue Operations” to projects that are more focused on development. This development shows CDA’s long-term approach to ministry, and it is serving them well as they continue to experience acceptance from the community. Even in the darkest areas, the bright light of God’s amazing grace is at work.  

Continuing Education: This program provides scholarships for higher education to ten graduates from the CDA schools in the poorest areas of Bogotá.

John Calvin Christian School: John Calvin Christian School's objective is to minister to families in the vulnerable community of Las Americas in Barranquilla, Colombia, through education, the promotion of health and prevention of disease, and the strengthening of families, while sharing the good news of the Gospel. Their model of education (which they call "School with a Purpose"), coupled with the Gospel message, aims to make a positive impact on the habits, thoughts, and behaviours of the students who, in turn and by God's grace, are equipped to bring these truths to the hostile environments they live in.

Family Protection and Restoration Program: "Family is family!" This was the response of a teenage girl from Colombia when asked whether she would rather still be living in the Tenjo Girl's Home, or living with her family as she currently does. As evidenced in this response, the Family Protection Program is a very worthy successor to the Girls' Home in Tenjo. That program mainly worked with the "victims" while this new program works with the whole family. The program also includes training of prevention and detection methods for staff members at the CDA schools. The program is also getting a great deal of attention from the government and other schools who are sending CDA high numbers of referrals. The gospel is shared with all the participating families and a discipleship process is started.

School of Practical Ministries: This project exists to train church and CDA staff members to be effective leaders within the communities that CDA ministers to (Lucero, Cazuca, Santafe, Cartagena, Barranquilla). Churches within these communities are invited to send their members (including pastors and leaders) to participate in training workshops that will teach them about various topics including: God’s purpose for the family, work ethics, evangelism, Christ as the model for ministry,etc. One hundred and fifty members participate each year.

Nutrition Supplement Program: The purpose of the nutrition supplement program is to provide additional nutrition for 400 acutely malnourished children in the 'God is Love' CDA schools in Cartagena, Cazuca and Lucero Alto. The children benefiting from this program participate in a targeted lunch program, have frequent height and weight screenings to determine the best course of nutritional follow-up and their families are given advice on healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

Sponsorship: Word & Deed has committed to sponsoring 846 CDA students. These children are provided with biblical instruction, a Christian education, a nutritious meal at school each day, medical care and basic instruction and counseling for their parents.

Bundles of Love: This project provides all Word & Deed supported children at CDA with a toy and an item of practical value at Christmas time.

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