During the second semester of 2016, 15 graduates from the Corporacion Dios es Amor (CDA) schools (mostly from John Calvin Christian School in Barranquilla) received scholarships to pursue post-secondary studies. Our partners at CDA select as recipients of these continuing education scholarships Christian young adults who are committed and actively involved in their local churches in order to bless them and to assist with their personal, professional, and ministerial development.

Our partners are finding that the number of their graduates who have access to higher education at any level has increased, but that completing higher education programs remains a challenge in Colombia, as young adults are often pressured to abandon their studies in order to work to support their families. In spite of this, we are thankful to report that in 2016, 86% of students receiving scholarships through this program remained committed to their post-secondary studies. Several students postponed their studies in 2016 with plans to return to them in 2017.

The students enrolled in the program receive support for their tuition, but through the program our partners also seek to maintain good relationships with the students through follow-up calls and training meetings. Open communication between CDA staff and scholarship recipients is maintained so that they continue to receive counsel, guidance, and support from familiar Christian mentors. It’s their prayer that these ongoing relationships will be used by God as an encouragement to these young students as they move from the environment of their Christian CDA schools to secular institutions, as a catalyst for continued spiritual growth, and as support as they confront the new pressures of their post-secondary programs.

Please pray that God will continue to use CDA as a blessing to these students and that God will shape their hearts and lives for service, in His name, in Colombia

Edwin's Testimony

My name is Edwin. I am 19 years old and I graduated from the school in Barranquilla. I have been in the scholarship program for two years now. I am studying administrative and financial processes at the Universidad de la Costa (CUC). Before participating in this wonderful project I was at a stage in my life where I did not know what I was going to do, what studies I would follow, or if I would continue studying because of many difficulties. Lack of resources to finance my studies was one of them. Once I learned about the scholarship program, applied to it, and was accepted, my economic difficulties disappeared. So against wind and tide I decided to study and finish my professional career. I express my gratitude for the financial aid and spiritual guidance and training which have helped strengthen my spiritual life. My family is very happy and proud of all these blessings. I thank God because He has allowed all these things to happen in accordance with His purpose, and I also thank CDA and its donors for being part of the blessings I have received through this project.

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