Ecuador’s often stunning scenery stands in stark contrast to the physical, emotional and spiritual landscape of many homes in Ecuador. Although urban centers are more characterized by wealth, poverty is still rampant, especially among rural, indigenous people groups. Children often live in unimaginable conditions and are at high risk for physical and sexual abuse. In some situations, one or both of their parents are in jail for drug trafficking or other crimes. In order to address the physical and spiritual needs of children in these communities, Word & Deed is partnering with Palabras y Hechos Ecuador and Corporacion Mision San Lucas Ecuador (St. Luke Society) as they administrate a sponsorship program.

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The House of Hope in Ecuador is envisioned by Dr. Yeny and the Mision San Lucas as a center that will support and strengthen the ministries that the mission is currently undertaking with children, adolescents, and women in the most impoverished communities of Quininde (including the children and families of the Growing with Hope Sponsorship Program). Over time, this may include vocational training through commercial storefronts and micro-industry projects and housing for visiting doctors and ministry workers.

To date, the caretaker's home and an external wall for security has been built around the five-acre property with the help of local volunteers and visiting mission teams, and primary focus is currently being given to constructing a badly needed medical clinic. Affordable medical care is currently not available to the impoverished families surrounding the House of Hope. There is no medical clinic in this area despite rapid growth in the city, there are no specialists in Quininde, and travelling to larger cities for medical care is very expensive. Christian doctors at a mission hospital in Quito are willing to serve in Quininde for a few days each month, but they need a place to work. The House of Hope will provide them with a base from which they can minister to both body and soul.

This clinic will focus strongly on preventative community health which provides many opportunities to share the Word of God. With God’s blessing, the clinic will include rooms for consultations, basic dentistry, and a large room for community health classes, eye clinics, prenatal workshops, and new baby care clinics, etc.

Engineering Ministries International (EMI) put the majority of the plans together for this building. They are volunteer experts who understand developing world construction, and who design secure and economical buildings. The construction is being overseen by a local Ecuadorian construction engineer. Just recently (May 2017) a work team with members from British Columbia, Alberta, and Southwestern Ontario spent time working on this building. The Lord willing, it will be complete in 2017.

Please pray that the construction of this clinic will continue to go well and that it will soon be used by God to minister effectively to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those in Quininde.

Progress on the medical clinic is pictured below...

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