Ecuador’s often stunning scenery stands in stark contrast to the physical, emotional and spiritual landscape of many homes in Ecuador. Although urban centers are more characterized by wealth, poverty is still rampant, especially among rural, indigenous people groups. Children often live in unimaginable conditions and are at high risk for physical and sexual abuse. In some situations, one or both of their parents are in jail for drug trafficking or other crimes. 

Word & Deed partners with La Mision Palabras y Hechos Ecuador and the Corporacion Mision San Lucas Ecuador (Saint Luke Society) in Ecuador.

"Growing With Hope" Sponsorship Program: This program focuses on the holistic care of children in the neighborhoods of Cesar Proaño, Malecón, and Dos de Mayo. This program supports over 200 children in each of the neighborhoods, offering three nutritious meals a week, academic enrichment, medical attention, dental care, workshops for parents and caregivers and Bible Studies.

Leadership Training: The goal of the project is to develop training workshops for the development of church leaders. In partnership with MINTS International Seminary, this project supports seven study centers which provide biblical, Reformed training courses in the language of the local people at an affordable price. In addition, a Sunday School Teacher Curriculum for the Old and New Testaments has been published and is promoted in Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, and other Spanish speaking countries. Seminars are held in churches of various denominations to introduce and instruct teachers on the use of the Sunday School material.

House of Hope: The overall picture of this project is to construct an adequate physical infrastructure to facilitate the growth and strengthening of the educational, health and integral development of the ministries in Quininde. So far land has been purchased, a security wall has been built around the perimeter, an office/caretaker home has been built. Construction is ongoing at a medical clinic which should be complete in 2018 and will serve the health needs of the community.

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