Guatemala is an incredibly diverse country in terms of climate, terrain and people. There are 23 different language groups. Climate conditions range from steamy hot coastal weather to frigid cold mountain weather where temperatures regularly drop below the freezing mark. Like many Latin American countries, it is also a country marked by violence. The presence of ruthless drug cartels has led to extortion, corruption, kidnapping and many violent deaths in this country. Poverty is high, especially among the rural, indigenous population. With about 50% of the population being rural and about 40% being indigenous, poverty reaches far and wide. Word & Deed is partnering with AMG Guatemala to support Christian education and a rural hospital here.

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Currently, La Palabra Christian School provides education for 460 children up to and including Grade 9 in the poor region of Monjas.  Students who complete Grade 9 at La Palabra continue to be supported in Grades 10-12 at other schools via the program although, since the school is young, there are only a handful of students in this position. However, La Palabra is now planning for the addition of Grades 10-12 and is proposing two specific program streams:

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