Word & Deed's involvement with this poverty-stricken country began in the wake of the disastrous earthquake that shook Haiti in January 2010, in partnership with CDIA (now Adoration Christian Centre), Word & Deed supported a food distribution campaign, as well as the building of a temporary relief station, which was meant to serve as a medical clinic, school building, church building, soup kitchen, water treatment center and as a residence for the staff of the center. Since then housing projects have repaired 200 damaged homes and have provided new homes for 50 members of the Adoration community.

In the meantime, Word & Deed's relationship with the Adoration Christian Centre grew. The organization is now part of the Word & Deed family of projects, and together we are bringing Christian education through the Adoration Christian School, basic medical care, relief and the hope of eternal life through the Gospel to the families we are ministering to in Haiti while moving them to ever greater self-sustainability. This education includes high-quality classes for children with special learning needs, a rarity in Haiti.  Randy and Karen Lodder having been serving in Port-au-Prince since 2007, as the directors, alongside a local board. Click here to view the Adoration website.

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