Our Projects Committee and board recently approved a school expansion and improvement project for the Children of Light Gerandy School in Soe, Indonesia. Local Christians hope that, with God's blessing, this school will raise up faithful Christian leaders.

It is hoped that this project will be complete by June 2018, D.V. The local community is providing labor to complete the work. Can you help us meet the budget for this project?

Budget: $168,000 CAD / $126,000 USD

The purpose of this project is to use this newly acquired land to improve the school by...

- building a new three-classroom block building to replace current bamboo structures (which have dirt floors and do not provide sufficient protection from the wind and the rain),

- making improvements to existing structures, and

- providing furniture for the school.

 In 2015, to accommodate their growing school, community members built a three-classroom "palm-tree" building with personally donated labor and materials. When this building collapsed due to heavy rains during the very next winter, they replaced it again with a bamboo building and, with support from Children of Light, were able to put on a galvanized steel roof. This is a testament to the commitment that the local community has to this school!


The school has grown so that the current infrastructure is no longer adequate and the bamboo structures that are currently being used are not weather-proof, resulting in a difficult learning environment, especially during the rainy season.  


Recently, the school leadership received the deed and title to the original plot of land they were donated to operate on; in addition, a plot of land adjacent to their current property was also donated to them.

Word & Deed heartily recommends this project for your support and pray that this project may be funded by June 2018.

To donate towards this project visit these pages: Canada    USA

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