Nigeria is a geographically diverse country. From coastal swamps to tropical forests, open woodlands, grasslands and desert-like conditions in the north, there is much that is beautiful there. An abundance of natural resources (including oil) and good trade relationships have contributed to the economic development of the nation. Despite this, poverty is still high, with over half of the population living on less than a dollar a day. Nigeria is also characterized by religious violence, especially in the North. In a country that is roughly split in half between Christians and Muslims, the availability and accessibility of Christian education could be pivotal to its future. Word & Deed is partnering with Faith and Freedom Ministries to support Christian Schools in Nigeria.

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Summary of Word & Deed Projects in Nigeria:

Word & Deed partners with Faith & Freedom Ministries in Nigeria.

Christian Schools in Koti-Yough and Makurdi: There are two Christian school campuses in Nigeria. One is in Koti-Yough (pronounced ko-tee-yoe), a very poor, rural area. There is also one in Makurdi (Ma-kur-dee) which is a little more urban. Both schools have a local pastor from the Presbyterian Church acting as a chaplain and each teacher also teaches Bible lessons. There are close to 2,000 children ranging from grades K – 9. Both schools have had numerous classrooms added to accommodate the large numbers of students attending these reputable schools. Operating costs are almost fully covered through school fees paid by parents (teacher salaries etc.). In 2014, the finishing touches will be put on various classroom expansion projects as Word & Deed plans to fully “exit” the country by the end of 2014. These schools will, Lord willing, become self-sufficient.

Like a Mustard Seed

By Daniel Pever

The projects that have been sponsored by…

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Nigeria School Expansion

Education: The Power to Transform

By Hanna Luong,…

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Christian School in Makurdi

Christian schools in Makurdi and Koti-Yough, Nigeria

Since both schools have a reputation for moral and academic excellence, they are growing rapidly with a current total of 1800 students. Operating costs are covered through school fees paid by parents (with a scholarship fund for those who can’t afford it). Growth has necessitated rapid expansion with four classrooms being added to each school at a total cost of $89,000.…

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Update: Nigeria School Expansion Project


 At the beginning of 2010 our partners at Faith and Freedom Ministry in Nigeria proposed the construction of four additional classrooms at the Koti-Yough Secondary School. They have successfully constructed the proposed classrooms. By using local labour and closely monitoring their expenditures they were able to construct an extra classroom (for a total of five) as well as new bathrooms for the school.…

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School expansion

Both Nigerian Christian Schools (with a total of 2000…

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Cornerstone Acadamy

Teach the Child the Truth: By Rev. Daniel Pever

The concept…

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