South Africa is one of the most developed countries in sub-Saharan Africa. It enjoys a great measure of economic and political prosperity. Yet, in the midst of much apparent well-being, South Africa is a land of stark contrasts. Extreme wealth exists alongside extreme poverty. While the rich seem to be getting richer, the poor seem unable to shake loose the shackles of their poverty. One of the things that ominously threatens to destroy South Africa’s relative stability is HIV/AIDS. This destructive disease has reached epidemic proportions, particularly among the poverty stricken classes of the population and it carries many ramifications into all areas of life. In partnership with the Nakekela Christian Community Care Agency Word & Deed  supports an HIV/AIDS clinic here.

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In 2014 the Mukhanyo Theological Seminary expansion was approved. The expansion will accommodate growth by adding larger classrooms, a media center, more office space, and some improvements on existing facilities (including the parking lot and perimeter fence). The Lord willing the expansion will be completed by the end of April. See their progress in the pictures below…

A view of the square.

A view of some new classrooms.

Removing a wall to expand the kitchen.

The new library facilities in progress as of January 2016.

The floor being laid in the library (February 2016).

The original wooden huts in which Mukhanyo began 22 years ago.


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