Word & Deed - Sponsor a Child

Touching lives through child sponsorship.


You can make a world of difference in a child’s life!

For $38 (CAD) or $35 (USD) per month, your sponsorship helps provide a child with:

- Biblical instruction.
- Christian education (where available) or access to Christian after-school programs.
- A nutritionally supplemented diet for those who need it.
- Where funding allows and where the need exists, the following are provided: clothing, medical care, dental care, nutritional counseling, basic instruction and counseling for the parent(s), or emergency assistance in a crisis.
Through the Child Sponsorship Program you will receive a picture of your sponsor child, an update or greeting from your child twice per year, and the opportunity to correspond with your sponsor child. Please see the following article for more information about getting in touch with your sponsor child: Corresponding with Your Sponsor Child
Please select a child below or call to become a child sponsor today! Canada 1-877-375-9673 | USA 1-866-391-5728

Birthday: October 2009
Country: Guatemala
Juan Carlos
Birthday: June 2010
Country: Guatemala
Birthday: Nov 9, 2009
Country: Guatemala
Jose David
Birthday: April 8, 2009
Country: Guatemala
Birthday: February 24, 2010
Country: Haiti
Birthday: Dec 23, 2002
Country: Haiti
Birthday: October 5, 2005
Country: Haiti
Malawi Orphan
Country: Malawi
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