Many sponsor children come from broken and dysfunctional homes where they do not receive the attention and affection that children thrive on. A picture and a short letter from you – even a few times a year – could make a world of difference to them!

If you find it difficult to write letters to your sponsor child(ren) please see the following suggestions to help you get started:

- Tell them about yourself
- Tell them about your family and ask about theirs
- Tell them about your hobbies and ask about theirs
- Tell them about special events happening in your life
- Ask specific questions (What is your favourite subject in school? What is your favourite animal? What would you like to do when you graduate from school?)
- Share a scripture verse
- Let them know that you’re praying for them and for their family
- Include a picture of yourself or of you and your family, occasionally
- Include a small gift, occasionally (stickers are generally a bit hit!)

You don’t have to use all the suggestions above in a single letter! A simple, short note from you will be an effective way of showing them one more example of healthy, Christian love in their lives.

You can send correspondence for your sponsor child to our office at the following address:

Child’s Name & Registration # (if known)
Word & Deed Ministries
PO Box 20100
St. Thomas, ON
N5P 4H4

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