Hugo - Grade 11 Student

I entered the CDA school in 2003. Before that I came from a school where I felt an atmosphere of violence. In 2003, my mom decided to move me to the CDA school because many people came to her recommending it as a school where the students not only excelled academically, but were also taught to lead a different lifestyle through the teaching of God. The moment I stepped into the school I liked it very much. Before we started classes there was a devotional; thanks to this I was motivated to listen to God. At one time I had attended church, but I had stopped going. However, this year, after attending a concert organized by the school, I am reconciled with God. He woke up in me an interest to be reconciled with him. Now I am listening to the church. I am different, and I want my family to also attend.

In my opinion, I think that the most important thing that CDA has done is to teach me to know the ways of God and that is really important for my life. If God permits, this year I will finish my studies in school. Thank you for your love and dedication.


Vanessa - Graduate

I entered CDA in the ninth grade in 2006. Because my parents always had good references for this school and because we lived close by they decided to enroll my sister and me. Since February of 2015 I now work at CDA in the headquarters of the Lucero Alto school.

CDA has provided strong support in my life and thanks to this project I have been able to grow personally, spiritually, and professionally. When I completed my 11th grade studies I received a scholarship to continue my professional studies and achieved the degree and title of Social Worker. Since then I have had the opportunity to work in the schools of Cazucá and Lucero Alto. I feel very grateful because I have realized what I most like to do--work with families in the local community.

Now I would like to convey to young people that they have the opportunity to move forward, regardless of the environment and the situations which surround them (since many of them live in environments of high vulnerability). I live with my son and my husband, who is also a former student of CDA and who has also been witness to the beautiful message of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Delwin - Graduate

My name is Delwin. I began attending the John Calvin Christian School in Barranquilla in 2007 (Grade 5). I graduated from high school in 2014. Currently I am studying at the National Service of Learning (SENA) in the following program: “Design of Mechanical Elements for Manufacturing Machines and Tools CNC.” I am in third semester already. The support from CDA has been extremely important for me because my family does not have the necessary resources to help me study at the university. I am very thankful to God for this great opportunity I have been blessed with.

I thank CDA for teaching me the principles and values of Christianity because they have been of great help in my life. I try to use them in my daily life.

I want to become an industrial engineer and then complete a graduate program and a PhD in order to help my family succeed, to give my siblings more and better opportunities, and to contribute to a better society with my knowledge. I want to help those around me who have no opportunities or resources. My dream is to serve my community and be a good witness of what it means to have God in our hearts and to imitate his works.


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