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The Agricultural Commercialization project in Nicaragua is training locals in seven communities in the sustainable production of various crops; it involves micro-credits, training in family business development, pork production, poultry production, and the development of Christian leaders. Small-scale commercialization of the produce is already taking place.

Recently, our partners reported that both their Moringa trees and their pineapple crops are doing quite well.

Their Moringa trees were planted in May 2015 and they are now 12 feet tall. Half of the 600 trees they planted have survived, and they are planning to plant more in 2016. There is a growing awareness locally of the usefulness of the Moringa tree which can be used for many medicinal purposes; its leaves can even be used as feed for animals.

The pineapple crop is also growing very well, and our partners hope to see their first harvest in April/May of this year, the Lord willing (see pictures of the pineapple crop below).

Forty-six families are receiving micro-loans; they use the funds to pay for labour and equipment, and sometimes for seeds. Pastoral courses for 30 pastors are scheduled to begin shortly.

Thank the Lord with us for the strong leadership that this project has and for its success (though not without its challenges) so far.

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