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Word & Deed has six partners located in Asia. They care for those around them through the operation of schools, afterschool programs, medical caravans, a sewing program for women, and theological education. Pray for them as they minister in poverty-stricken areas.


Colombia is a country that is plagued by extreme poverty and violence that is initiated by drug cartels, gangs, and rebel groups. Faced with violence or with the prospect of having their teenage children forced to join one of these groups, fleeing IDPs (internally displaced people) are settling around the major cities of Colombia. In IDP zones, the effects of sin are often magnified. Many fathers abandon or abuse their families, mothers cling to the next man that comes along, and children join gangs. It is in these impoverished and broken IDP areas that our partner, Conviventia, is operating. The gospel message is a key part of every one of Conviventia’s projects and even in the darkest areas of Colombia, the bright light of God’s amazing grace is at work.


Though Costa Rica benefits from the tourism industry and is more stable than many neighboring countries, there remains large gaps between the rich and the poor. Many communities struggle with poverty, crime, and gangs. The poor families live in shanty towns. It is in this context that our partner, Education Plus, ministers.


The Dominican Republic is a country that thrives on tourism. However, most of the country is filled with poverty. Their flag flies an image of the Holy Bible, but sadly this recognition of the Word of God is not translated into the religious values of many of the people on this island. The Luke Society Hospital was established with the intent of serving the poorest people in the country. It focuses on the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of the people.


Ecuador’s often stunning scenery stands in stark contrast to the physical, emotional, and spiritual landscape of many homes in Ecuador. Although urban centers are more characterized by wealth, poverty is still rampant, especially among rural, indigenous people groups. Children often live in unimaginable conditions and are at high risk for physical and sexual abuse. For some, one or both of their parents are in jail for drug trafficking or other crimes. It is in this context that Word & Deed partners with Mision San Lucas in Quininde, a town of around 90,000 people in the tropical region of Ecuador and with CRETE in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador.


Guatemala is an incredibly diverse country with 23 different language groups. Climate conditions can range from steamy hot coastal weather to frigid cold mountain weather where temperatures regularly drop below the freezing mark. Like many Latin American countries, it is also a country marked by violence and poverty. The presence of ruthless drug cartels has led to extortion, corruption, kidnapping, and many violent deaths in this country. Word & Deed partners with AMG Guatemala to help facilitate Christian education for hundreds of children in Guatemala. We also partner with them in the operation of a rural hospital.


Haiti shares an island with the Dominican Republic and is located in the Caribbean. Its population is an estimated 11.4 million people, making it the most populous country in the Caribbean. Haiti is a volatile country and quite often filled with political unrest, resulting in gangs burning tires in the streets and looting businesses. Many people live in high-risk, poverty-stricken areas. Adoration Christian Center is a holistic Christian development foundation serving and discipling Haitians, focusing on poverty relief and supporting at-risk families.


The country of Kenya is located in East Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean. The country has many national parks and reserves and because of this, people come from around the world to see the abundant wildlife. Coffee is an important export in Kenya, yet many people don’t drink it because of its high value – they would rather sell it than drink it! Many people consider Kenya to be a Christian nation. There are many churches there, but basic Biblical knowledge is lacking for most people and even many pastors.


Malawi is a beautiful country with rolling hills, brilliant sky and sparkling lakes. However, as is so often the case in the developing world, this beauty is only skin deep. Millions of orphans have lost one or both parents to the HIV/AIDS virus and many others are abandoned. Polygamy, unconcerned fathers, witchcraft, and prostitution have all left their mark on this country. Word & Deed partners with the Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian (CCAP) to support orphan care and theological training.


Word & Deed first became involved in Nicaragua after Hurricane Felix, a category 5 storm, tore through the country. Relief was provided through food, pumps, cleaning supplies in order to obtain clean drinking water from their wells, and eventually building supplies to repair their village. At that time a repair and expansion was also done on a Christian school. Today, Word & Deed works closely with Palabra Y Hechos Nicaragua to provide the local people with new methods to grow food for their families, while preaching the Word of God at every opportunity.


With the largest and quickest growing population of all African nations, Nigeria is becoming a front runner for the continent in terms of economic development. While half of the country lives in clustered metropolises, the other half lives in very rural settings often underdeveloped and disadvantaged. The recent rise in persecution by Muslim extremists and Fulani herdsmen in these rural areas presents everyday risks for remote Christian villages. Word & Deed supports the Nigerian Reformed Churches located in this remote setting to help advance and support education, vulnerable children, and one-time infrastructure projects.


South Africa is one of the most developed countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Yet, in the midst of much apparent well-being, South Africa is a land of stark contrasts. Extreme wealth exists alongside extreme poverty. While the rich seem to be getting richer, the poor seem unable to shake loose the shackles of their poverty. One of the things that ominously threatens to destroy South Africa’s relative stability is HIV/AIDS. Word & Deed strives to provide the physical and spiritual aid by supporting Nakekela, a clinic for HIV/AIDS patients, and Mukhanyo, a theological college that develops materials for distance learning.


South Sudan is located in Central Africa and is a country that has suffered severely over the years due to ethnic violence and civil war. The country’s economy is largely dependent on oil and agriculture and so seasons of drought are detrimental to the people’s well-being. South Sudan is also known to be one of the most illiterate, poor, and undeveloped countries in the entire world, with little access to proper medical care. It is in this environment where Word & Deed partners seek to minister to the Sudanese people.

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“We can only say thanks, because without a doubt, the Family Protection Team arrived at the right time. We felt listened to, understood, and above all we were able to recognize that God is the basis of our home. With Him restoration becomes complete and we can be a happy family.”
Beneficiary family of the Family Protection Program, Colombia
“When I was in Grade 4, I heard a presentation about the Adoration School in Haiti. That made me think about the children of my age that don’t have the privilege of going to school as I do. The question came into my mind how to raise money for them…. Then in the summer of 2020, I started my HJK Landscaping Service and went to my neighbors and worked for them. My business worked out well, so I decided to put away 10 percent of all the money I received and give it to the Adoration School in Haiti.”
H Klaver, Elementary school student
“In school, I have been taught the Word of God, which is very important to my life and that of my family. I feel happy because the teachers at La Palabra treat me very well.”
4th Grade student from La Palabra Christian School, Guatemala

“I would like to thank the supporters of the mission for the help that they bring into my life. I love the Bible studies and learning the stories of the Bible. The groups from Canada and the USA are such a blessing and we love the games that they teach us and the Bible crafts that we do. I have been in this project for four years now and I love the Word of God… Jesus is the only hope that I have.”

Student from the Afterschool Program in Ecuador
“This past year Word & Deed took the initiative to work out a very important project that would place theology books in the hands of pastors across Latin America… I wish to congratulate Word & Deed for their sensitivity to such fundamental needs in the church of Latin America. Good theology will produce healthy churches. We need to always work on the foundations. On behalf of CLIR, we look forward to continued cooperation in the future.”
Rev. Bill Green, Executive Secretary for CLIR, Costa Rica
“Praise God for what He is doing to expand Christian education and the opportunity to witness for Christ among the Muslims in Indonesia. We pray that He will continue to use us as a tool to bring more people to Christ and to grow his church in this nation.”
Director of Children of Light, Indonesia
“I love the education material that Word & Deed publishes and shares. It is a wonderful way for my 7th-grade geography students to learn the history of a country, but also to learn about the creativity of God through different cultures.”
Mrs. S Soerens, Grade 7 teacher