Haiti shares an island with the Dominican Republic and is located in the Caribbean. Its population is an estimated 11.4 million people, making it the most populous country in the Caribbean.  A large percentage of the population are considered to be Roman Catholic, but also practice Vodou traditions. Haiti is a volatile country and quite often filled with political unrest, resulting in gangs burning tires in the streets and looting businesses. Many people live in high-risk, poverty-stricken areas. It is in this context that Adoration Christian School, partnered with Word & Deed, works to spread the gospel.

  • Christian Day Schools

    Adoration Christian Centre

    Adoration Christian Centre is a holistic Christian development foundation serving and discipling Haitians in Port-au-Prince, focusing on poverty relief and supporting at-risk families through community development and education. Their vision is to see students inspired by a quality Christian education impacting their communities, for the glory of Jesus Christ. Through Adoration Christian School, our partners are providing Christian education to over 400 students, all of whom are sponsored. The school is providing an opportunity for at-risk, impoverished children and youth to receive a quality, Christian education. The school began as an elementary school, but each year for the last several years a new grade has been added and the school now offers Kindergarten through Grade 13. It is an incredible blessing to see that many Adoration students are making good grades (over 90% of Grade 9 students are passing government exams), but also to see a few Adoration students professing Christ as their Savior and becoming members of the Église Presbytérienne Réformee de Delmas (Reformed Presbyterian Church in Delmas). Praise God for blessing this work!

  • Micro-Loans

    Esperance Microloan Program

    After Hurricane Matthew struck southwestern Haiti on October 4, 2016, it left widespread damage in this impoverished nation. Many business’s goods were either lost or destroyed by flooding. At that time, Word & Deed partnered with Esperance Haiti to establish a microloan program to provide business owners the means to re-establish themselves.  

    This program proved to be very successful and in 2018 Word & Deed and Esperance saw the opportunity to impact more lives through an expansion of the program in a community where over 95% of the population lives below the poverty line. In 2020, the program was again expanded in to the Central Plateau Region of Haiti in the city of Hinche.

    Esperance’s goal is to help transform lives of the most vulnerable Haitians both materially and spiritually, through financial services. They seek to impact families in their communities in the areas of finance, health and education by prayerfully teaching God’s Word, with a focus on a Biblical worldview of work, in order to restore lost hope to those who are most in need.

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