Word & Deed Business Groups
Our groups focus on helping others.

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Why join a Word & Deed Business Group?


Meet annually with Word & Deed representatives to take a close look at the project(s) your group has chosen to support.

Business Group Access.


Make informed decisions about donating funds the Lord has placed under your stewardship. The amount you donate is between you and the Lord.

Business Group Stewardship


Build relationships with other local business people who want to bring hope to the developing world. You do not need to own a business in order to join.

Business Group Network


Meet once per year and receive quarterly updates. We all have busy lives.

Business Group Efficiency


By God's grace, be a means of changing lives and building up the church throughout the world to the glory of His Name.

Business Group Impact

If you are interested in the Word & Deed Business Group program contact Rick Postma at 877-375-9673 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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