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  • Bibles


    Provide a Bible to be distributed at projects in various countries.

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  • Meal (Colombia)


    Ten meals or high calorie snacks for a malnourished student in Colombia. This program also includes workshops for parents to better understand their child’s nutritional needs.

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  • Vacation Bible School (India)


    Help fund Vacation Bible School for 10 children in India. The local church in India also contributes $2-3 per child.

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  • Bundles of Love (Guatemala)


    Christmas gift (a toy and a practical item) for a student at Christian schools in Guatemala.

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  • School Supplies (Haiti)


    School supplies for one student for one year at Adoration Christian School.

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  • After-School (India)


    Provide one month of care for a child in an after-school program in rural India.

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  • Food Relief (Myanmar)


    Provide a month of food relief for a family in Myanmar.

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  • Sewing Machines (India)


    Provide a sewing machine and fabric for an “untouchable” woman graduate of our one-year sewing course in India.

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  • Home-based Care (South Africa)


    Staff time for home-based care for one patient for one year through the Nakekela HIV/AIDS Clinic.

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  • Computer (Nigeria)


    Provide a desktop computer for a Reformed Theological College in Nigeria.

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  • Vocational Training (South Sudan)


    Operate a vocational training program for one month serving 20 orphaned and vulnerable youth in South Sudan.

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  • Surgical Lights (Guatemala)


    Equip an operating room at the Cubulco Hospital with new surgical lights.

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“In school, I have been taught the Word of God, which is very important to my life and that of my family. I feel happy because the teachers at La Palabra treat me very well.”
4th Grade student from La Palabra Christian School, Guatemala
“We can only say thanks, because without a doubt, the Family Protection Team arrived at the right time. We felt listened to, understood, and above all we were able to recognize that God is the basis of our home. With Him restoration becomes complete and we can be a happy family.”
Beneficiary family of the Family Protection Program, Colombia
“This past year Word & Deed took the initiative to work out a very important project that would place theology books in the hands of pastors across Latin America… I wish to congratulate Word & Deed for their sensitivity to such fundamental needs in the church of Latin America. Good theology will produce healthy churches. We need to always work on the foundations. On behalf of CLIR, we look forward to continued cooperation in the future.”
Rev. Bill Green, Executive Secretary for CLIR, Costa Rica
“Praise God for what He is doing to expand Christian education and the opportunity to witness for Christ among the Muslims in Indonesia. We pray that He will continue to use us as a tool to bring more people to Christ and to grow his church in this nation.”
Director of Children of Light, Indonesia
“I love the education material that Word & Deed publishes and shares. It is a wonderful way for my 7th-grade geography students to learn the history of a country, but also to learn about the creativity of God through different cultures.”
Mrs. S Soerens, Grade 7 teacher

“I would like to thank the supporters of the mission for the help that they bring into my life. I love the Bible studies and learning the stories of the Bible. The groups from Canada and the USA are such a blessing and we love the games that they teach us and the Bible crafts that we do. I have been in this project for four years now and I love the Word of God… Jesus is the only hope that I have.”

Student from the Afterschool Program in Ecuador
“When I was in Grade 4, I heard a presentation about the Adoration School in Haiti. That made me think about the children of my age that don’t have the privilege of going to school as I do. The question came into my mind how to raise money for them…. Then in the summer of 2020, I started my HJK Landscaping Service and went to my neighbors and worked for them. My business worked out well, so I decided to put away 10 percent of all the money I received and give it to the Adoration School in Haiti.”
H Klaver, Elementary school student