October 16, 2023

Educacion Plus, Costa Rica: A Beneficiary Story

This is a story about Carlos. Like many of the children we work with here in Educacion Plus, he grew up in Alajuelita. He comes from a big lovely family. They lived in the shanty town close to “Los Pinos”. He and his five brothers would constantly participate in our activities such as Bible Clubs, camps, in the football (soccer) championship, Christmas parties, trips, and they were visited regularly at home. Carlos was one of our sponsored kids. In a family with six kids in school it was very difficult for them to deal with every expense that they had to pay, including all the money that goes into paying for school supplies, as well as money for clothes and food. Especially with a very small income. However, their mother always tried to give them what they needed to complete their studies.

When Carlos began the fourth grade his Grandma took him to live in Golfito, in the south of Costa Rica, since his youngest brother had begun school and this helped to alleviate costs in their family. The following year he returned to San Jose, and that’s when he met Educación Plus, because of his brother who was always talking about the Bible clubs. Through lots of personal efforts and efforts from his family, Carlos finished ninth grade in a night school. He then entered a vocational school where he graduated with a degree in accounting, which allowed him to get a good job. The story doesn’t end there. Carlos continued to study in college, which has allowed him to escalate the corporate ladder, and he currently has an important position in a company. He is also one of our volunteers at Educación Plus.

When we asked Carlos if he thought that his relationship with Educacion Plus had made a positive impact in his life, this is what he answered: “I think that seeing the lives of others, my situation wasn’t unique, it wasn’t so tragic and irreparable, it made me realize what I wanted for my future. Spending time with friends in similar or even more complicated situations made me want to move away from all of that. And that brought new opportunities and blessings into my life and into my home”.

We thank the Lord that he has allowed us to be a part of Carlos’ story and to have the opportunity to see the man that he has become – a father and a husband, and a Christian who helps in the local church where he and his family attend. He’s a great friend and we’re so proud of him, for everything that God has helped him accomplish.

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