March 26, 2024

Have You Read Our Spring 2024 Magazine Yet?

There are some really interesting articles in the Spring issue of our magazine that you don’t want to miss.

First, our partner in Nicaragua tells us about the expansion of Palabra Y Hecho’s agricultural program:

“’Working and teaching to change livesis the motto of Palabra y Hecho Nicaragua (Word & Deed Nicaragua). In recent years our efforts have focused on providing greater education to families in the different indigenous communities of our region. These programs range from Bible studies to agricultural training, and we also offer business management classes for small entrepreneurs. The benefits of these programs have been very significant for the people who participate. We can see, little by little, improvement in crop production and the well-being of families. However, in this article we are focusing our attention on one region in particular: Wangky Maya. This region is located in a remote area of Nicaragua, in the extreme northeast, approximately 700 kilometers from the capital…”

Next, Rob VanderKooy, employee at Mukhanyo Theological College, talks about ministry challenges in South Africa:

“South Africa has some of the sharpest inequalities between rich and poor in the world with unemployment at over 35%, nearly half of its 60 million people living in poverty, and monthly government grants being given to over 18 million very poor people. Almost all religions in the world are represented in South Africa, yet 77% of the population claims to be Christian, including millions of people who worship in churches where the number of witch doctors continue to increase, even in urbanized areas. There are also millions of others who are deceived by the prosperity gospel. In reality, only a very small number of this 77% actually know the Bible and how rightly to serve God…”

We also hear from new Word & Deed employee, Kasper Van Veen, about his first impressions of Word & Deed:

“As I became a member of the Word & Deed team, what has really struck me is that…there is a strong desire to act with integrity and to be faithful stewards of what we have been entrusted with. Transparency in our dealings is an understood requirement. Love and care for the joys and challenges that our international brothers and sisters experience is evident every single day; whether that be during our daily prayers together as staff or simply in our correspondence and attentiveness to their needs. I have come to realize that this not only characterizes Word & Deed, it also flows out to characterize our partners. This was very striking when I had the opportunity to visit our partner Pastor Joseph Marwa, the director of Hope Royal Schools and the Mwanza Bible Institute in Tanzania…”

To read these articles in full, you can read our magazine HERE, by looking for a copy at your church, or by sending us an email to receive one at your home. If you have questions about anything you read, don’t hesitate to reach out!