June 23, 2022

Congregation in Indonesia Celebrates a New Church Building

The members of a congregation in Indonesia have been looking for a worship building to suit their needs for the past 18 years, but they are very thankful that they have recently had the opportunity to purchase a new building for worship. It is a large 3-story building with more room for the worship and activities of the congregation. They are now able to meet for worship every week on the ground floor, and the second and third floors are used for training and education. They continue to organize more church activities and events, like Sunday school and youth group, now that they have the space to do so. There is a lot of enthusiasm and excitement in the congregation as they move into their new space.

The congregation is full of thankfulness for their new building, and held an Opening Program to celebrate God’s goodness to them. At the opening program, so many attended that some had to sit outside! The Sunday school was able to present at the front, as well as students from a local elementary school who performed a traditional dance, and the choir who performed a song.

A long-standing elder expressed his thankfulness: “Of course, all thanks and praise to God that we may be in this new church building. It’s been a long road – more than 18 years! – that we have tried to get a better location for worship. We are very thankful for those who supported and helped us. We are very thankful that we can worship in this new building. Thank you everyone who was involved with this endeavor. Praise the Lord!”

Another woman in the congregation whose family has been members since the opening also showed her thankfulness: “Praise the Lord for this church building. Praise the Lord. As a member of the congregation, and from our family, I want to say thank you so much. First of all to God, and second to all who helped to give us this building. I cannot express with the right words, but thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so happy.”

The members of the Indonesian congregation express their thankfulness to all those who helped contribute to this, to Word & Deed, and to God for his goodness in providing them with a church building.