June 15, 2023

Nicaragua – Knowing God in Remote Areas

This article was written by Scott Dekorte and was originally published in the Summer 2023 edition of our magazine.

After having recently traveled to our partner Palabra y Hecho in Nicaragua, along with Word & Deed board member Wilf Bout and his son Bradley, this quote from J. I. Packer was reinforced in my mind: “Once you become aware that the main business that you are here for is to know God, most of life’s problems fall into place of their own accord.” Our partner has realized this fundamental truth and has shaped their three programs accordingly. In each program, there are many stories to share of the change God has caused in the lives of these people.

Agriculture Training
The agriculture program begins by teaching the farmers courses that are focused on the fundamentals of who God is, His plan of salvation, and our sinful rebellion. After that, the agronomist teaches what the Bible says about family, work, stewardship, and finances. Finally, the three agronomists walk beside the farmers, showing techniques for growing coffee, cocoa, rice, and beans.

Walter Dixon is a coffee farmer who showed us his farm. When Walter joined the program, he had recently left his wife and four children to live with a younger woman. Through the counsel of the agronomist, Walter saw his sin before God. He repented and returned to his family. Praise God for revealing Himself to Walter and for allowing this family to experience God’s goodness.


Business Education and Microloans
Like the agriculture program, the business program begins with teaching small business owners a Christian worldview. They then learn the basics of biblical business practices. After three months, the business owners have the opportunity to propose a business plan and receive a loan if needed.

Yacarelis is a businesswoman who has operated a small food stand from the front of her rented house for three years. She shares that the program has taught her how to market her prices better and to have long-term goals. Our prayer is that she would come to know God more and learn to trust Him with her future.


Theological Training for Leaders of Remote River Communities
The final program is focused on teaching a beginner’s level of understanding the truths of God and His Word. The goal of this training is to strengthen Gospel understanding to five largely unreached and underserved communities of Nicaragua.

We heard from 15 of the attendees how the teaching had impacted their understanding of God. One pastor shared that he is thankful for the program because he is learning things of God and His Word that he never knew before. He is now teaching these things to his congregation which is more involved and more committed to serving in the church than ever before.

We are encouraged by the faithful labor of Palabra y Hecho to make God known in Nicaragua. The current political situation in this country is threatening the existence of Palabra y Hecho, but we trust that God will continue to seek out worshipers in this place, “for the Father is seeking such to worship Him” (John 4:23).