Nakekela is a clinic for HIV/AIDS patients in KwaMhlanga, South Africa, an area where the HIV/AIDS infection rate is over 50%, and there are more funeral parlors than any other type of commercial business. There are 20 beds in the clinic and a staff of nurses and doctors. Staff members visit and assess not only potential patients but also follow up with those who have already been discharged. The purpose of the clinic is to treat HIV/AIDS patients and to alleviate the horrible symptoms that accompany the disease, while bringing the Word of God to the afflicted. News about the quality of care, the compassionate attitude of the staff and the spiritual aspect of rehabilitation at Nakekela has spread so that many people would rather care for their sick family members and wait until a bed is open at Nakekela than to send them to the local hospital. A key element of Nakekela’s ministry is home based care. There are currently eight home based care workers (two teams of four). The HBC team also facilitates training programs for the community in churches and in public schools to raise awareness and encourage the prevention of the HIV/AIDS virus.