RTS is a two-room building with one small office, but its impact expands much further than the size of their building. Word & Deed has provided books, shelving, tables, and computers to help equip the seminary, along with funds to pay the salary of a librarian so that students can access the library on a regular basis and further their knowledge. They hope to complete a small building addition which will help to further their impact in the community. Word & Deed has also partnered with the seminary to bring Biblical knowledge to the pastors through access to the Mukhanyo Seminary extension program. One of the Mukhanyo offerings is a diploma program where pastors with advanced learning can continue their theological studies. The other program is geared to pastors, church leaders, and teachers who want to increase their Biblical knowledge through a modular program so they can be better equipped to bring the Word of God to their fellow church members. In the last couple of years, Word & Deed has helped with multiple food and seed relief efforts as the country has been dealing with drought conditions for five years.