The Cubulco Hospital is located in one of the poorest rural areas of Guatemala. John Otten, our Project Director, was Administrator of the hospital for 17 years before returning to Canada. The nearest public hospital is one hour away by car. The hospital is overseen by our partner, AMG Guatemala, and has 14 beds and four doctors who give medical consultations and carry out minor surgeries. The hospital also offers 24-hour emergency services, maternity, ultrasound and delivery, and nutrition and agricultural programs. Visiting teams of specialized surgeons perform more complicated surgeries. A large expansion and renovation project at the hospital was completed in 2018. This included renovating the existing building with expanded emergency and surgery facilities. The expansion includes a maternity ward, a pharmacy with street access, and several day consultation rooms as the hospital adds gynecology, pediatrics, prostate, and eye care services. Most importantly, the gospel is shared with many of the 8,000 patients that are seen each year. The local church ministers to the patients by sharing devotionals in the waiting room of the hospital. The project has reached a commendable 80% self-sufficiency.