This program supports over 300 children in three centers in the rural city of Quininde. Many of these children do not have stable homes, and many come from single parent homes. The goal of this afterschool program is to reach the children and families living in poverty and at high risk of abuse in their communities, so that they may have the opportunity to hear the gospel and experience the life changing power of Jesus Christ. Their goal is to do all of this while providing a safe environment where children can experience love, Biblical instruction, and academic assistance in a Christian atmosphere that promotes healthy development. They also provide encouragement to restore relationships and help improve living conditions in a way that is consistent with Biblical principles. These After-School Programs are supported through our Child Sponsorship Program.

Mision San Lucas also operates a medical clinic (Healing with Hope) in Quininde which Word & Deed has a close relationship with. Dr. Yeny Agila is the head physician and also the founder of the afterschool programs. Each child in the afterschool program has a yearly checkup by Dr. Yeny. She also reaches out to fringe communities that are often forgotten. She tends to their physical needs and frequently has Bible studies with the women of these communities and also hosts a weekly Bible study at the clinic.