After working closely with the Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian (CCAP; a large denomination of over one million members) for a number of years on the orphan sponsorship program, Logos Ministries was given the opportunity to provide CCAP pastors, elders, leaders and teachers with the practical and doctrinal tools they need to better serve their congregations (which often number in the thousands). To that end, and in partnership with the CCAP, Logos Ministries offers training seminars to church leaders to equip men in CCAP churches to lead and instruct their flocks. Multiple seminars are held each month and are conducted by visiting pastors and teachers, as well as by Logos staff. Due to increased demand, Logos now has basic level theology classes that are attended largely by men outside of the CCAP; the reach of Reformed doctrine now has an entryway into other denominations in Lilongwe (the capital of Malawi) also. In 2015 Logos began partnering with one of our South African partners – Mukhanyo Theological College – to offer distance courses in theology at the diploma and certificate levels. These classes are held in the Logos Resource building in Lilongwe and provide the opportunity for Logos students to further their education. What an amazing opportunity to impact a one million member denomination!