John Calvin Christian School (JCS) is located in a very poor and vulnerable neighborhood of Barranquilla, Colombia. Our partner, Conviventia, longs to bring stability and the hope of the Gospel to this community through the care and education of children, offering classes for grades K-11. Many of the students’ parents were never educated and so they do not always understand the importance of ensuring a good education for their children, therefore, many parents send their children to the free government school instead of having to pay a small fee to send their children to JCS. However, the school has gained a very good reputation for their quality education, care for the well-being of their students, and their involvement in the lives of the whole family. Students are not only provided with a high-quality Christian education, but they are taught skills that can lead them out of the cycle of poverty that their families have been stuck in for many generations. The transforming power of the Gospel is at work in this community!